WineMatch is a consumer-centric and winery-sensitive Winery-to-Consumer (W2C) sell-through model. We provide the highest free quality searches with the most data on wine available today! We were born out of a need to find the right wine, simply and quickly.

We utilize multiple tasters, ISO black glasses, a wine chemistry lab and data provided by the winery to provide each wine with a unique ‘wine fingerprint’.

We then utilize technology to help consumers find wines that match closely with wines they have already enjoyed for free! We automatically notify consumers when they have wine matches, deals or events of wineries that they tell us they love by selecting their wines as a favorite!

WineMatch displays the major characteristics of wine to give a more objective view of wine, so consumers can see what the “fingerprint” looks like of the wine they like. We present real data in an easy to interpret format without the use of an often-confusing current number-based rating system.

We try to keep it simple language, and not trying to confuse you with descriptors like asphalt and pencil shavings, or arguing the point of blackberry versus black raspberry. We use simple words like fruit, instead of trying to nail it down to a specific kind of fruit, as one person will taste one thing and another will taste something different, but they could both likely agree on the amount of fruit.

Less meaningless descriptors and more real data equals more objectivity!

How are we different?
Simply put, we do not employ the 100 point system with descriptors. We keep it simple. We utilize multiple tasters and identify those characteristics most folks can associate with wine. Even if you cannot relate immediately to our system, you simply pull up a wine you have had, and you can begin to have a greater understanding. In addition, we have an engine that can find similar wines based on more than ten characteristics.

What does it cost?
Free to the consumer, as it should be. For the retailer, being listed is free as well and you can let us know if you are a wine only shop or hold wine tastings and we’ll pass that information on. For the winery, there is a small fee per wine to cover the wine profiling, labor, materials and infrastructure costs. However, with that fee comes the benefit of web visibility, nearly immediately after submitting your wine to us! Additionally, you will receive real statistics as to who is clicking and looking at your wine.

May I advertise?
Advertising is a part of almost every web site’s revenue stream, and we are not immune from needing to generate revenue. If you are interested, please fill out the Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We also utilize Google Analytics, so real data regarding the visibility of your advertisement are maintained.

What to expect
Cutting edge, accurate data presented in a simple format. Plus there will be more social networking features coming in addition to mobile applications. We will present new features every month that will continue to educate and liberate you from the challenges of the consumer selecting the proper wine. You can help by telling us what you would like to see WineMatch.com have on its website, and if enough of you want it and it makes sense, we’ll incorporate it. It’s really that simple. You can send us your requests via the Contact Us page. We’re listening.

WineMatch.com is only profiling wines for the wineries of the United States. This process will not succeed if the wineries don’t win here as well. Being able to represent their wines and being able to report strong, solid data, is more important when marketing products today than ever before. Precision targeting of the market dollar counts in this economy. Wine is no exception to this rule. Data sharing with wineries is better than ever. Time to market, with our Wine-In-Time (WIT) model, this model benefits the wineries starting from the first day of release. The profile is up within 30 days and we can even coincide with release dates if we release it beforehand, maximizing outfacing exposure.

Promotional events are not only good business, but enjoyable for consumers, wineries and retailers alike. We aggregate these so folks can find these quickly and easily. If there is going to be a big event at Whitehall Lane Winery, we’ll show you where and when it’s going to happen. Going to Walla Walla and want to know all the events for the weekend ahead? We’ve got that as well!

Never forgetting those that move the most products, the retailer can be listed on WineMatch.com as well. We provide a locator (courtesy of Google Maps) and will also be able perform inventory matching to maximize faster sell-through opportunities. You have inventory and inventory turns are critical to success, especially with items that have a limited shelf life due to subsequent vintage releases. Let us show you how we can help. Feel free to let us know through our Contact Us link.

Originally conceived in 2001, and refined over the last five plus years, WineMatch.com is a Southern California company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the IT firm, Roundbrix. We are committed to excellence, providing service of value, and in protecting our intellectual property.

WineMatch. Matching wines you like!


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