WineMatch® debuts WheelPlay™ for iPad & Android at Family Winemakers!

WineMatch, the leading wine matching web site with integrated social media, has optimized its search tools for use with Apple’s iPad and Android tablets. WheelPlay™ has been enhanced with sliders and helpful tips in making it even easier for consumers to find the right wine easily and quickly. “WineMatch works on the iPad and Android tablets so folks can take advantage of our website while dining or shopping,” says Ed Leard, WineMatch CEO.

By using the sliders, consumers can quickly and easily adjust things like Fruit, Finish, Aroma, Oak, Tannins and others characteristics. For example, if you like a Sterling Vineyards 2006 Merlot, simply click on the center of the wheel. WheelPlay™ then allows you to specify more Fruit and Complexity and easily refresh your results to better tailor wines results to your specific tastes. Also unique to WineMatch, this functionality allows you to find wines that have similar qualities regardless of grape varietal.

WineMatch is the only website that allows consumers to drill down to this level of detail and specify exactly what they like.  “It is incredible,” says Jon, owner of Inspiration Vineyards in Santa Rosa. “In a few years every winery will have their wines on WineMatch. It will become the new standard for wine, dramatically decreasing the relevance and dependence of a 100-point system controlled by a handful of wine critics.”

WineMatch launched the new innovative mobile search tools this week to celebrate the Family Winemakers Event in San Francisco at historic Fort Mason on September 9th and 10th. Ed also added “This is the premier California event where family-owned wineries in California debut their new vintages to restaurants, hotel, wine bars and consumers. We partnered with the Family Winemakers and are proud to be exhibiting at this extraordinary event in San Francisco.

The Family Winemakers event is open to consumers on Sunday September 9th 1PM to 5PM. Visit  and enter “WineMatch” for a special 20% off discount! Also, you can enter to win a free new iPad3 by signing up as consumer by September 30, 2012 or by visiting us at the WineMatch booth at the event.

WineMatch is a privately held company founded in 2002, based in Laguna Hills, California. Our mission is to simply better serve wineries and consumers. More information is available by contacting or calling 949.273.5302.





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