San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival is Coming Soon!

Now celebrating nine years of wine and culinary excellence, the 9th annual San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival is where aficionados meet in search of the hottest culinary and wine trends on the West Coast. Join world-class wineries as well as restaurants and gourmet foods in what is called the Top 10 Can’t Miss Wine FestivalsWineries — sign up today to secure your participation and have your brand listed on the Festival’s newly redesigned website.

WineMatch recommends both wineries and wine lovers attend this event on Saturday, November 17th from 11a.m. to 3p.m.. After attending this event the past few years, WineMatch is very impressed with how many wineries and restaurants attend this huge wine event in Southern California. It is a fun event located in the heart of San Diego Bay next to the Seaport Village. The top chefs in the city are competing for the best dish as wineries from all over California pour their top wine selections.

As one of the largest wine and food festivals in the nation, the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival has helped shine the light on San Diego’s thriving food scene. The magnitude of culinary talent in San Diego combined with an international showcase of the world’s premiere wines and spirits, and the nation’s trendsetting culinary masters, makes attendance at the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival a mouthwatering feast and precursor to the Thanksgiving holiday.

WineMatch, the leader in matching wines to consumers, is proud to partner with the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival to help market WineMatch’s unique business to consumers. WineMatch will have a tent at the event where consumers will have the opportunity to win a free iPad in addition to tasting some of the best chocolates in the world.

WineMatch recommends every winery wanting to market to consumers directly and to restaurants in San Diego that they sign up for a table at this event. We’ll see you there! Also, if you are in Southern California and you like wine, we definitely recommend you get to San Diego in November to participate in the Wine & Food Festival. By entering “winematch” as a consumer, you can get 10% off this event.


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