Display your Wines in Style at Family Winemakers!

Consumers today use iTunes genius or Pandora to help get suggestions for their music or create their own radio station with suggested favorites based on songs they like. And they use Match.com to find the best match for a date based on similar criteria. The list goes on and on. WineMatch performs this service free to consumers for the wine industry. Consumers can see other wines they like based on wines in their current likes, which they do by simply placing wines in their ‘favorites’. For wineries to fully leverage WineMatch with consumers at Family WineMakers event September 9th & 10th at Fort Mason in the heart of San Francisco, we recommend you submit your wines to us by August 31st for the wines you will pour at Family Winemakers. This way, we will be able to proudly display your shelf-talkers for consumers to see. We’ll gladly profile one wine at no charge to you. If you want to profile more than one wine, contact WineMatch for our special Family Winemaker discount. If you’re not sure if you have a log in , just fill out this simple form and we’ll approve you within a day so you can start updating your information and submit wines.

In return for your wine submissions, WineMatch will prepare these custom shelf-talkers for your wine showing consumers what are the components in the wine are using the WineMatch Wheel™ on one side and your front wine label on the other. WineMatch staff will present these at the Family Winemakers’ event and you can display it proudly next to your wine. It will truly set you apart from the crowd and have the consumers ogling for your attention. When submitting wines, know that you’ll be entered into the only wine matching database in the industry! Additionally, your wines are pushed out the social media outlets and to our followers. Most importantly though, you’ll be on our website which typically has the wine rated in the top 5 results on Google for phrases related to your wine.

So if a consumer finds a wine they like at Trader Joe’s or Costco and your wine has similar characteristics, you will show up as a match for that consumer who likes that type of wine. WineMatch is proud to be a sponsor this year of the Family Winemakers event and we are excited to have such a strong relationship with so many wineries that are exhibiting already. I think one of our longtime advocates sums it up best when he says:

“WineMatch allows you to match for yourself wines that you have experienced with against wines that fit the same profile. Genius! I recommend every winery submit their wines to WineMatch!” 
Jon Phillips 
Inspiration Vineyards & FW Board Member

We look forward to seeing all of you at the Family Winemakers event. Keep in mind we will be having an online webinar on Wed. Aug 8th at 3PM if you want to know more before the event. We will also be available in person at our table at Family Winemakers on Sunday from 1PM to 6PM. Come join us on Monday September 10th at 11:30AM at Fort Mason Room C210 for a FREE lunch and a unique presentation and see how it all works together!


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