Family Winemakers + Fort Mason = Magic!

I  personally believe Fort Mason is the perfect venue for Family Winemakers’ San Francisco event. With views of the Golden Gate and Alcatraz, the famed Pier 39 a brisk walk away and its selection of fine eateries. Ah, the smell of the fish market and fresh sourdough bread blends in with the ocean breeze. The cable cars entertain with their simultaneous trips up and down the hill. And when it’s time for dessert, there’s Ghirardelli Square. Not much compares, until you understand exactly what Fort Mason meant to so many.

The year was 1942, and young men on repurposed victory ships were setting sail to the southwest Pacific. It was World War 2 and not all was well. The age of drafting young men had risen to 40 years old to ensure there were enough to serve. My grandfather was drafted at 36 and was one of those that would leave and not return. But many did return and the stories they brought were not always shared as it was a difficult time for those both home and away. Upon their return, they were decommissioned on Treasure Island, an island midway between the Oakland Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate encompassing 535 acres. Winning the war for all of mankind brought us the values and prosperity of a nation like no other.

One only need to go outside to the docks and look across the Golden Gate to imagine what took place some 60 years ago. To many, the US flag is the sign of freedom, but to World War II veterans that served in the Pacific theatre, it’s really the Golden Gate bridge that signifies freedom, as that was the symbol seen when they left and when returned – for most. As of the last set of data I received, over 1,000 World War II veterans leave us every day – quite staggering to think of it in those terms.

Fast forward to today, where Fort Mason is an event venue for Family Winemakers. It is one of the trade’s largest events, if not the largest. Hundreds of California’s finest family wineries share their wines with folks from the trade and consumers alike. Nowhere in my many years of traveling the domestic wine circuit have I seen more wineries in one place. On Sunday, September 9, the trade session is open from 1PM to 3PM and it then opens to the public from 3PM to 6PM. If you are attending make sure to click here and enter “WineMatch” as the promotional code when you register to receive a 20% discount!

On Monday, September 10, it is open from 2PM to 6PM for trade only. Click here for more information. Also, WineMatch is holding a free seminar for wineries that includes tremendous lunch fare. We are holding this presentation on Monday, September 10th at 11:00a.m. so you can check us out, eat and have plenty of time before the start of the 2PM trade session. To sign up, please email

We hope to see you there and share some new memories!

Also remember to enter “WineMatch” promotional code for the public session for a 20% discount!


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